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JustCrazy is now on Tumblr!
Follow Just Crazy on Tumblr for updates, doodles, sneak peeks for upcoming pages.
Due to the last blog not working right for JustCrazy. JustCrazy has moved to Tumblr.
Feel free to ask questions on the story. And on Saturday send comments to Just crazy characters that will respond back to you in post. Located at HERE

~~~~~News for the rest of the year dealing with Just Crazy~~~~
Just Crazy will post one more page this upcoming Saturday, before I take a break. I will be posting the holiday pictures still during my break. Just Crazy will return 2012. I wish you all a beautiful Christmas & Happy New year. Keep an eye out for Holiday art! And stop by JustCrazy4U tumblr for updates that will continue to be up there for sneak peeks of future pages. Thank you all very much for reading along with Just Crazy and being wonderful. Take care Everyone!!

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