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New webcomic well not so new but in your face! JUST CRAZY is here and is full of fun! I'm completely excited to share with everyone my crazy vision on life and decisions. So I am excited with each post I put up for YOU readers.

New to the site is the Just Crazy Cast I will be uploading their images along with info as the story grows. So expect a long list of characters as the story develops. Note to readers these images will change as well as the story moves on and a little note will be there on their status as well in the story!

Also added will be a shadow of who is to arrive in the story as in a new crazy character. So keep an eye out for the random shadow box when it comes up to a point where a new character may pop up in a background ;) its for a little fun. So keep your eyes open for the Cast page for uploads of information on characters.

You can also find JustCrazy artwork on my website listed www.jkbarts.com where you can find some artworks as well as getting commissions.

There will be more to come and I will update when more is added thank you all so much for viewing, and taking the time to read my comic, or my silly little article.

posted by Jennycah @ September 16th, 2010, 1:13 am  -  0 Comments

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